Your campsite + Kampeermeneer a match?

Are you looking for more ‘happy campers’ and a better online presence for your campsite in the Netherlands and Belgium? Do you think that your campsite fits among the personal, pleasant and nature loving campsites on Kampeermeneer? A listing in our digital camping guide might be a good idea.

About is the largest online camping platform for Dutch and Belgian campers looking for atmospheric camping in a natural surrounding. They are looking for small and medium-sized campsites off the beaten track, in nature with a cozy atmosphere and personal touch. 40% of our campers camp with a tent or tent-trailer, 30% in a caravan, 20% in a camper van and 10% use glamping facilities.

Do we match?

We are picky in the campsites we select for a listing in our camping guide on Kampeermeneer. We only select campsites on which we would like to camp ourselves. Personal touch, small, natural feel, campfire atmosphere, not rows of caravans lined up but a mix of accommodations spread out loosely.  We’re not a booking platform but an inspirational platform. Visitors will be sent to your own website and book directly with you. In our communication we are honest, open and enthusiastic.  Only campsites that really make us happy will be listed.

This is how it works!

Are you convinced that your campsite matches with our idea of a happy place? Please register your campsite through the form below. We check if there indeed is a match and if we can list your campsite in our camping guide.

Selected campsites pay a yearly fee for their listing in our camping guide. Through our camping guide, social media, SEO and digital Kampeermeneer Magazine we promote your campsite to our campers.

  • A match? Then your campsite will be listed
  • Online presence with more than 1 million unique visitors to our camping guide a year
  • Visitors and reservations through your website
  • Promotion on social media
  • Promotion in our digital email magazine
  • Annual fixed fee

Want to know more?

Do you think we are a match? Do you want to know more about the listing possibilities? Send me your details, and I’ll provide you with all the details you need.